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Start a new Scrum Team Step-by-step

Start a new Scrum Team Step-by-step

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Start working with a new Scrum Team and bring them to higher levels of Agile maturity faster

The goal of this guide is to give you tools to start up a new Scrum Team from scratch and guide them through team development stages and Agile maturity levels.

It also provides you with an example of a further training plan that you can use going forward with your team.

The materials are a great start if you are not sure how to approach your new Scrum Team or need some help with starting out.



This bundle is aimed at helping Scrum Masters start working with a new Scrum Team and bring them to higher levels of Agile maturity faster. If you are joining a new team that might have been running for a while, the bundle will give you new insights and tools to use.

Why use this tool?

This guide is a great tool for an Agile leader or a Scrum Master.

It gives you knowledge and clear steps to go through when creating a new Scrum team with essential points to visit, documents to create, and decisions to make.


What's in the guide

The guide is split into chapters that gradually introduce you to important information you need to understand first, then decisions you need to make, and then how to run your first Sprints with your team:

  • Understanding what makes a team succeed or fail
    • What is a team?
    • The definition of a high-performing team
    • Tuckman’s stages and productivity
    • Shu-Ha-Ri
  • Creating a team 
    • What your team is building and how
    • Definition of Done to help with the next step
    • What skills and knowledge your team needs
    • Considerations for choosing team members
  • Setting the stage 
    • Understanding of Agile, Scrum and team roles
    • What’s different when you work in a Scrum team
    • Deciding on the Sprint schedule and other working agreements
    • Setting up work management, documentation, and communication tools
    • Creating your Product Backlog
  • Starting the work 
    • Running your first Sprint meetings together
    • Involving the stakeholders
    • Creating a habit of continuous improvement
  • Training plans

What will you get in the package

  • 1 downloadable PDF (50+ pages of content)
  • Training plan example for Scrum Teams ready to use and present to your leadership teams.
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