Loyalty Program

Welcome to the ScrumMastered loyalty program!

loyalty program gummy bears

Have you bought something in the store already? Congrats! You have some gummy bears waiting for you in your customer account! Redeem them for some awesome rewards.

How to earn gummy bears

Whenever you are making a purchase in the ScrumMastered store you earn yourself some gummy bears for every dollar spent. And when you spend $250 you get a big boost of 1000 gummy bears!
You can also gain them by leaving a review (please do - I really appreciate it, personally), by following ScrumMastered on Instagram, by subscribing to the newsletter in the store, and by creating a customer account.


Points earned

Spend $250 1000
Follow on Instagram 200
Subscribe to the newsletter via Shopify 300
Leave a review 500
Create an account 100
Place an order 1 for $1 spent

How to spend gummy bears

Get some discounts with your gummy bears: 500 gummy bears for a 5% off, 1025 for 10% off and 1550 for 15% off.
You can also get a FREE set of the Retrospective Poker cards for 2000 gummy bears, and a one-on-one coaching call with me for 5000.


Points cost

Free Retrospective Poker Cards 2000
5% off 500
10% off 1025
15% off 1550


Redeem for the NEW Gift Cards

Gift card amount

Points cost

$20 1250
$50 2500
$100 4000

How to check your gummy bears balance

Log in to your customer account by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner.

If you don't have an account, you can create one using the email you used to complete your orders in the store. Your past purchases will be synced with your new account.

In the left bottom corner, click Rewards (or on the gummy bear icon) to see your balance.