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Bundle: Product Ownership Essentials

Bundle: Product Ownership Essentials

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This bundle contains everything a Product Owner needs to get started and continue building great products for their customers. The main Product Owner Role guide provides a baseline for other topics included with the bundle.

Find the tools and templates not only to learn yourself but also to work with your team and teach them how to build great products.


What's Included:

This product contains the most important topics around product management in a Scrum team:

  • Product Owner Role Guide
  • Definition of Done Guide
  • Product Backlog Creation Workshop
  • Product & Sprint Goals Workshop
  • Writing User Stories Workshop
  • Agile Metrics Essentials Bundle which includes the Measure Scrum Team Performance Guide, Value Metrics Workshop, and Introduction to Relative Estimation Workshop

New product-related guides will be added to this bundle as they are developed. If you have already purchased the bundle, you will receive those updates for free.


Product Owner Role Guide

A practical guide for the role of a Product Owner with all the tools and practices needed to be successful working within a Scrum Team. Perfect for new Product Owners and Scrum Masters who want to help their Product Owners grow! 


Definition of Done Guide


If Scrum was reduced to just one concept it would be to deliver a Done Increment every Sprint. "Done" is the most important concept in Scrum, however, it is not given enough credit and attention in the organization. In this ultimate guide to Definition of Done, I give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get to 'Done'.


Product Backlog Creation Workshop

Help your team align on the Product Vision, Customers & stakeholders, and key performance indicators for your product.

The purpose of this workshop is to help the team create their Product Backlog if they are starting from scratch.


Product & Sprint Goals Workshop


Help your Scrum Team set great goals and teach them the significance of Product Goals and Sprint Goals in Scrum with engaging exercises. The goal of this workshop is to teach your team the importance of Product Goals and Sprint Goal in Scrum, what makes a good goal, and help set goals for the team in the end.



Writing User Stories Workshop

This is a step-by-step facilitation guide with Miro and PowerPoint templates to run a workshop on the topic of "Writing User Stories" for Agile teams.

Teach your team how to create great user stories and organize the Product Backlog, how to split work in an Agile way, and deliver high-value functionality.


Agile Metrics Essentials Bundle

This bundle contains three guides that will help you understand and start tracking essential Agile metrics with your Scrum or Kanban team. They are not only focused on learning the basics, but provide you with templates and practical tools to get the most out of Agile metrics.


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