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Your First Retrospective: Facilitation Guide

Your First Retrospective: Facilitation Guide

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Learn how to facilitate your first retrospective with this step-by-step guide that also teaches you the essentials of retrospectives and gives you actionable tips on how to address common challenges.

This is a perfect companion for any retrospective technique you can find in our store or anywhere else online.


Who it is for

If you are new to facilitating retrospectives and need an easy-to-follow guide, this product is perfect for you. It covers all the basics you need to get started and provides additional resources to help you improve.

If you've been facilitating retrospectives for a while, but need help resolving some of the common challenges, you'll find lots of different solutions and ideas to make your facilitation even better.


What's inside

The facilitation guide includes all the key information to get the best results out of a retrospective, whether you have never facilitated a retrospective or you already have some experience:
  • The purpose of a retrospective. Understand why retrospectives are so important and how you can tell whether you are doing it right.
  • Biggest challenges encountered in retrospectives. Review all the possible issues you may face during retrospectives with concrete examples from the field, and understand what may cause them.
  • Building a great retrospective. Learn how to create a great structure for your retrospective and how you can use various techniques to make it even better.
  • Practical tips and tools. Find out what you can do to address common challenges you may face, and what mistakes you should avoid doing to have productive retrospectives.
  • Running your first retrospective. Get a clear action plan for preparing and running a retrospective, as well as tips on what to do afterward.

The guide provides you with clear checklists, real-life examples, and actionable steps to take to run your first retrospective stress-free.

What you will get immediately after purchase:

  • 37-page downloadable PDF.
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