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Brainstorming Miro Templates for Scrum Masters

Brainstorming Miro Templates for Scrum Masters

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This is just a set of quick tools you can use for various remote working sessions in Miro. They are ready-to-go and can be used right out of the box. 

I've collected some of my most used exercises that can easily become your go-to tools.

The templates include

  • How to use Miro explanation
  • The Empathy Map
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Lean Canvas
  • Liberating Structure Impromptu Networking
  • Liberating Structure Troika Consulting
  • Liberating Structure Critical Uncertainties

Please note that this is not a full workshop with step-by-step instructions. Instead, it's a small toolbox of remote exercises you can run in your own workshops.

Why would I use these templates?

Miro and other platforms already provide lots of templates that are free to use. But what separates ScrumMastered templates is:

  • These templates provide you with lists of powerful questions to ask for each exercise.
  • Where relevant they give you some facilitation tips.
  • They cover templates that don't already exist on the platform.

NOTE: None of the canvases and original ideas are mine. They have been created by thought leaders in the industry and have been adapted by me for these templates.

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