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Bundle: Agile Metrics Essentials

Bundle: Agile Metrics Essentials

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This bundle contains three guides that will help you understand and start tracking essential Agile metrics with your Scrum or Kanban team. They are not only focused on learning the basics, but provide you with templates and practical tools to get the most out of Agile metrics. Buy these products in a bundle and save!


What's included:

As part of this bundle you will receive immediate access to the full products as listed below.



Measuring Scrum Team Performance

The goal of this guide is to give you practical examples and tools to start collecting useful metrics and using them to improve your Scrum implementation and show the positive results Scrum brings to your company overall.

  • Clear explanation of how to use metrics (and how not to use them)
  • Overview of informational metrics such as velocity and how to properly collect and use them
  • Practices of how to talk to your management and stakeholders  about Agile metrics
  • Over 40 specific examples of metrics you can collect in relation to product, team dynamics, and processes
  • Visualization templates you can use to present your findings to your team and stakeholders
  • An Excel file with tables and charts ready to start collecting metrics.




Introduction to relative estimation workshop

Teach your team why and how we use a different method of estimation in an agile environment. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce an audience to the topic of relative estimation and show them how to do it well. This will be a great workshop to run with a new team who is not very familiar with tools like Planning Poker. 

  • 19-page downloadable PDF.
  • Miro template ready for virtual delivery. Just copy-and-paste the content in your own Miro board and invite your team members to join.




Values metrics workshop

Help your team identify what defines success for the product they are working on. 

This workshop is a dive-in the various metrics that can be useful to implement in the product. It’s ideal for the teams that are either actively working on a product or are about to start a new product delivery.

  • 30 pages of the guide as PDF downloadable.
  • Miro template ready for virtual delivery. Just copy-and-paste the content in your own Miro board and invite your team members to join. 
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