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The Essentials Bundle

The Essentials Bundle

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This bundle is a one-stop-shop for starting Scrum Masters. It is packed with virtually everything you might need at the start. Plus it introduces you to some more advanced concepts and gives you more templates to implement.

Includes 4 essential guides and 1 assessment guide.  

What's included:

Scrum Master Startup Guide

Start strong in your new Scrum Master role.

The ultimate guide to your first days, weeks, and months as a Scrum Master with real-life examples and actionable steps to get you started.

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Definition of Done

The ultimate guide to everything you need to know about the Definition of Done with templates to run an interactive workshop and help your team create their own definition.

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New Scrum Team Kick-Off

Start working with a new Scrum Team and bring them to higher levels of Agile maturity faster. Includes 5 facilitation guides, a guidebook to team development, maturity levels, and training plan examples, and ready-to-use Miro templates for remote teams.

Includes: Introduction to Scrum facilitation guide, Introduction to Agile facilitation guide, Team Working Agreements workshop, Structured Brainstorming retrospective, technique, People and Process retrospective technique.

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Measuring Scrum Team Performance

This is a guide focused on helping you and your Scrum Team to collect appropriate Agile metrics for continuous improvement and working with management.

The goal of this guide is to give you practical examples and tools to start collecting useful metrics and using them to improve your Scrum implementation and show the positive results Scrum brings to your company overall. This also includes the Introduction to Relative Estimation.

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Team Self-Assessment

Involve your team in the assessment process and build more responsibility and ownership over their improvements.

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